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We have a full range of Ultra High-Weight PolyEthylene (Plateena, Spectra, Plasma) Lines. We have years of experience building seines and outfitting rigging. Please let us assist in getting the right line for your needs.

Drawing on our experience working with these materials, we carry a range of webs constructed of these super fibers. Whether you are looking for a money bag that won't slow down your skiff, a low drag seine that will let you hold shape in heavy current or the ability to tow down streaks off-shore, we have materials to build the net that fishes the way you want it to fish.


Along with these cutting edge materials and web we offer a full line of traditional cork line , lead line, and web. We only stock materials that will last the test of time. We know which manufacturers are worth the little extra money to get you a product you can have faith in.